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If The Tarot calls your name, this is your box Tarot Goddess. This box includes 2 amazing decks that work together along with everything you need to set up a beautiful ritual spot to honor your cards and create a space for daily self care.

ABOUT THE DECK: Moon Child Tarot - Danielle Noel

We have cycles and seasons within us; subtle forms of magic that ebb and flow with the shifting tides, the precession of stars, and the phases of our Moon - connecting to a sacred, unspoken power that animates all life. 

When we are able to look within in order to work with this spark - this mysterious force that is woven throughout the fabric of our Universe - beautiful, shimmering insights may rise within us like never before. 

As a child the Cosmos, you are Multidimensional, ever-changing, and constantly moving along a path of endless potential. 

And along with your unique placement in this world, you are here to experience the brilliant story of your life. 

The Moonchild Tarot is a soulful tool of meditation that has been carefully crafted to align with your light. To help you shine, play, or dive deep within the waters of your heart. As the sister deck to The Starchild Tarot, it taps into new, earthly doorways, and the ancient roots that are calling many of us home at this time. 

The Indigo Collective Ritual Boxes are specifically curated for all the different Goddess out there. Each box is filled with a mix of local/Canadian Artist, Small Business from around North America and ethically sourced products. Each box holds the perfect pieces to created a new daily self-care ritual.

Box Offerings

@Moonchildtarot By Danielle Noel

@thestarseedoracle By Danielle Noel & Rebecca Campbell

@TappenAporthecary Candle Citrus & Sage

@ShuswapInfusions Revive Tea - Spearmint, lavender, rose petal tea

@worthwhilepaper Chakra Journal & Third Eye Notepad

@happyspritz Breath Deeply cooling wipe

@fivepines Eco Clothing with Grid and Fluorite Stone

@indigocollective Hair elastic, Macramae Keychain, Metaphysical Socks, Fluorite Point.

These beautiful boxes are limited edition or one of kind. Please DM if you would like a box curated for yourself or someone you love.

SE Indigo Collective


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