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Did you just experience something life changing? Do things feel like they can use a little love and attention? Start daily positive healing with this uplifting ritual kit. Start your mornings on a positive self loving note. This kit is filled with wonderful reminders of how magical you are no matter what phase you are in.

ABOUT THE DECK: Healing Mantras - Matt Kahn

What is a mantra?

A mantra is an echo of your highest wisdom, reflecting back in your own voice to help you recall all the things you were born to remember. Together, they're doses of vibrational medicine delivered into your energy field through the power of your voice. Mantras are the language of unity consciousness; where the one speaking its wisdom and the one receiving its power are seen to be the same.

This card deck from gifted healer and intuitive Matt Kahn contains 52 channeled mantras that have been encoded with healing energy, to realign your mind, body, heart, and soul. In this deck, users will strengthen their connection to the Universe, and a remembrance of their innate wholeness and perfection.
Mantras include:

    The light is always within me
    I was born of infinite joy
    I am worthy of all the pleasure my heart desires.
    My intuition flows whenever I am still
    Abundance is my birthright, and I receive it now
    and more!

Your life's greatest purpose and its deepest meaning will be revealed to you--one magical, healing mantra at a time. 

The Indigo Collective Ritual Boxes are specifically curated for all the different Goddess out there. Each box is filled with a mix of local/Canadian Artist, Small Business from around North America and ethically sourced products. Each box holds the perfect pieces to created a new daily self-care ritual.

Box Offerings

@TappenAporthecary Candle Sensual Amber

@ShuswapInfusions Revive Tea - Spearmint, lavender, rose petal tea

@worthwhilepaper Third Eye Notebook & Card

@mattkahn The Healing Mantra Deck

@HappySpritz Good Morning Beautiful Spray & Breathe Deeply Cooling Wipe

@apothecarycompany Mermaid Magic Essential Oil – Bergamot & Lime

@fivepines Eco Cloth with the Moon Phases imprinted

@Indigocollective Hair elastic, Macramae Keychain, Good Vibes pin, Aloha socks

@pineappleandpinetrees Dream Catcher

These beautiful boxes are limited edition or one of kind. Please DM if you would like a box curated for yourself or someone you love.

SE Indigo Collective


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