Welcome to Sasha Eillenna's sanctuary of self-care and soulful offerings—a haven where you're invited to indulge, nurture, and treat yourself with love and intention.

As a seasoned jewelry designer with a deep reverence for nature, Sasha's creations are imbued with the timeless beauty of the elements. From delicate necklaces adorned with moon and sun motifs to stunning earrings inspired by the mountains, each piece reflects Sasha's passion for crafting wearable works of art that resonate with the soul.  Sasha Eillenna Jewelry was created in Whistler, BC in 2001. 

But Sasha's talents extend far beyond jewelry design. As a dedicated yoga teacher she guides others on their paths towards healing and self-discovery, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern practices to create transformative experiences.  She is always on a continuous journey of education with the healing arts of yoga, meditation and reiki. 

In addition to her healing arts, Sasha's love for baking led her to create Indigo Cakes—a delicious fusion of her culinary creativity and passion for spreading joy through sweet treats. From decadent cakes to delicious cupcakes, each creation is crafted with love and intention, inviting you to savor every moment.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings in the snowy mountains of British Columbia, Sasha also dabbles in graphic design, infusing her creations with her unique aesthetic and vision.

Sasha's journey has been marked by both resilience and grace, as she faced years of battling Endometriosis alongside a lifetime of traumatic events. Through it all, she has emerged as a beacon of strength, determined to not only overcome her own challenges but also to share the invaluable tools of resilience she has acquired along the way. With unwavering courage and a compassionate heart, Sasha seeks to inspire others to find their own inner strength and navigate life's obstacles with grace and fortitude. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative potential of embracing one's struggles as opportunities for growth and healing.

Now, Sasha invites you to explore her online shop—a curated collection of jewelry, self-care items, journals, home decor, and offerings designed to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Whether you're seeking a beautiful piece of jewelry to adorn yourself, a journal to document your journey, or a cozy home decor item to create a sacred space, Sasha's shop has something special just for you.

Treat yourself, take care of yourself—because you deserve it. Embrace the magic, and let Sasha's creations inspire you on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation. xo