Welcome to The SE Indigo Collective

An online shop here to make things light and fun when finding your way through the wellness & spiritual world.  Indigo Collective is dedicated to all things positive that can help with self care and healing.  From Yoga, crystals, tarot and oils to fun items that uplift and make you laugh like pins and fun cards.  

A majority of the vendors have been hand picked and sourced through smaller outlets to find the small home businesses that are providing well made ethical products.  In our products your will find certified organic, not tested on animals and products created with the best intentions towards the environment.    

Thank you for taking the time to visit xo 


Sasha Eillenna, Designer of SE Jewelry, Creator of Indigo Cakes & also a Yoga Teacher, is the creator of Indigo Collective.



The first item you see in the SHOP menu is SE Jewelry.  Sasha is the creator and designer of this line.  

SE Jewelry was conceptualized on the powdery slopes of Whistler Mountain in 2001 by designer Sasha Eillenna.

Each piece carries its own story...

So much love and good intention are infused into each piece.  They are meant to inspire, empower, bring feelings of hope & calmness and radiate positive energy that will boost your wellbeing all while making you feel like an absolute badass while wearing them. Each Gem Stone used also creates more meaning and crystal healing energy.   Which piece lines up with your story?

Only the finest quality Gem Stones & Genuine Swarovski Crystals.  All SE pieces are cast in the highest quality Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Plating or White Bronze.    

SE Jewelry is designed and hand crafted by Sasha Eillenna and her team of experts from Bali and Vancouver.